Project 'Different conditions -Different price'
<Street, Main Exhibition's Hall, Russian Museum>

'Sale The Name of the Artist on the Street'
(Action on the 'Anichkov Bridge'. Step One.)

Gill Waber (UK),  Inna Baskina (Ru),  Jorg Mollet (Switzerland)

      The Name 'Igor Baskin' was offered for sale by international group of artists, participant of action could sell the name 'Igor Baskin' as their own. The name had been offered in several different objects: framed prints, painting oil on canvas, water colors on paper. During the action was fulfilmed action of right and back personification (identities exchange). All participants kept on the check Personification's Cards Igor Baskin, Igor Baskin kept on the chest personificaton's cards with all names of participants.

Igor Baskin,  Gill Waber,  Aleksander Ilianen (Ru)

Georg Dublin (Switzerland), 
Judith Eckert (Switzerland)


The First Castomer
'...and does sale goes well?...'


St-Petersburg, 1996

Action had remake in 1998. In frame of the project 'Different conditions - different price' also were done actions 'Sale the name' in the Main Exhibition Hall Manege (1998), and in the Russian Museum (1998).

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