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Igor Baskin's Performance Group

Just a little about I/B per-forms
Text is taken from the old web page,
so, English could be better.
It will be corrected soon.

In area of performing art I develop ~ four (conditionally) main directions:

1)  Performances 'indoor' I mostly work by own, without group. Work with body, with some equipment, with qualities of space/s. Basis - aesthetic minimalism, process - operations with simple forms and structures, aim - alive reaction and spontaneous free self-expression.
2) Public actions - 'performances outdoor'. Part of them was done with group, some part I acted along.  Streets, not conventional places, wherever. 'Bringing art up to the life'. And life to the art.
3) 'Life performance' - experiments "how to overcome border between life and art". Known declarations that art and life already are the same still do not work. Necessary to look for artistic forms. To visualize, "to develop" life like photo film, to make art object, piece of art from average life, possible to use accidents, not ordinary situations, or create not conventional contexts for ordinary things .
4) Performances which are in connection with, or base on "Program of personification". Working with symbols, identities, mind's spaces, with public mind.

Sure, border between that four directions is conditional and comparable.
Some my performances, especially actions, belong to conceptual projects, or they are projects as itself. .
Most of all my performances is interactive. Some of them was created spontaneous. It means that I pay special attention for 'qualities of concrete situation', and correcte acts in accordance with. I know and understand  main aims. Advanced planing is also well, it depends.
I see my way as continuing and developing direction which, in my vision, from first wave German expressionists, across Jackson Pollock (if take him as an acting artist, it shows how I understand act), then through International Situasion, Vienna's actionism and "passed present time" Russian's conceptualism and Moscow's actionism, to new (my and my friends) school of contemporary St-Petersburg's Trans-conceptualism.
Even being a conceptual artist and working with intellectual substances and forms I respect emotional values, and free sincere self-expression of artist. While act I aim to reach sense of inner determination with myself, and world's state of things, to find a "great balance" between form and content..

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