Performance group 'Igor Baskin & Co, ltd'

Vladimir Chernyakov
Irina Tarbaeva
Nikolay Metelkin
Filip Zabolotni
Igor Baskin

       Most of public actions and several performances of Igor Baskin have been acted with Group "Igor Baskin & Co", which appeared in 1996 with it's first action "Flight over The Aleksander's Stolp". In the first action participated: Vladimir Cherniakov, Irina Tarbaeva, Aleksey Bobrikov, Vera Kakabadze, Sergey Spirihin, Inna Baskina, Arsen Mirzaev, Igor Baskin.
During few next years had been happend several changes among members. Four last years group has established. Most actions of group are interactive.


Group after the action 'Flight over The Aleksander Stolp'. 1996.

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